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Everybody’s experience of depression is different, and people find help in different ways. But two things are true for everyone. It’s important to talk about how you’re feeling with someone you trust who’s willing to listen and understand. It’s also important to get the kind of help that works for you. Just like these people, who have very different experiences of depression. They share their stories and insights on how they managed to find a way through and on what keeps them well.

  • Helene

    Helene realised her lifelong feeling of melancholy was actually depression after a period in her life when everything seemed to go wrong at the same time.

  • Monique

    Monique's depression was caused by a long history of bullying about her weight. After understanding it was only her opinion of herself that mattered, she has gone on to help others improve their self-confidence.

  • Rob

    Rob's lifelong battle with his 'secrets' came to a traumatic conclusion when he was shot by police. His journey to wellness was both a mental and physical one.

  • K'Lee

    K'Lee found her way through the depression that followed her shift to Los Angeles by deciding to return to the family, friends and lifestyle she needed to stay happy.

  • Aroha

    Aroha got through depression once she realised it was being caused by a stressful career in radio.

  • Jamie

    Jamie had a happy childhood, but experienced severe depression in his teens. By working with a counsellor he was able to coach himself to think more positively.

  • Judy

    Judy became depressed after her battle with breast cancer. She found her way through with the help of medication and by re-evaluating what's important in life.

  • Gary

    The pressure of a business failure triggered Gary's depression but with the help of medication and taking control of his own health he made it to the other side.

  • Nicola

    Nicola hit rock bottom after the birth of her second child but has managed to find the enjoyment in life again with the help of medication and group therapy.

  • Stuart

    Stuart had to learn how to manage the stress of work to get through his depression.

  • Helen

    Helen changed her lifestyle and exercised regularly to help get through her post natal depression.

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