Debra's Story

Debra started to care for herself, as well as others. After becoming a young mother, Debra was always looking after other people before herself. She got through her depression with the help of medication.

My experience with depression started when I was a teenager; and I was a solo mum

It was a lonely, lonely time. It was considered by some around me that I’d made my lot in life and then, therefore, nobody would really be interested in me now; and that made me feel even worse.

All sorts of things affect your mental health.


I just absolutely felt that I was at the end of my tether and I lost it

I just had enough, I couldn’t cope anymore. I just wanted to hurt something, hit something; I was scared I was going to hurt my son. I had the sense to ring and ask for help.

Depression or anxiety is different for everyone

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I decided, ‘right, I'm gonna just concentrate on my life’

My doctor diagnosed me at that time with depression and started me on some antidepressants, which took a few weeks to take effect, but they made a huge difference. I still wasn’t necessarily happy with things that were happening but I was able to manage it.

There are things that can help you get through

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I actually put myself on the list now, where for a long time, I was kind of down the bottom

There are days when I need to recognise that today it’s not a good day, and today I actually need to step back and take care of myself. I try to eat well, I try to make sure I get enough sleep, I take control of the things that I can control.

There are changes you can make to stay well

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Even though life has challenges it can still be really amazing

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I learnt new strategies

I plan my day

I take my medication and attend therapy

I gave myself a break