Matt's Story

Opening up to a counsellor and his mates helped Matt appreciate life again. Holding on to the grief of losing a close friend had caused Matt to start doubting himself. 

I lost a good mate to cancer

I didn’t realise it at the time but I was starting a downward trend then. Big hours in the combine and tractors and just the stress of it. The self-doubt was the biggest one. The "I’m not doing good enough, I’m not doing a good enough job."

All sorts of things affect your mental health


I kept it inside and I just kept holding it in

That was the biggest problem really. I felt very responsible for dragging other people down. And that, of course, dragged me down even more.

Depression or anxiety is different for everyone


My cousin gave me that shove that I needed to talk

I went and talked to a counsellor and that was my turning point then. First thing the counsellor suggested was to get on some medication to help balance my mood – so I was in control.

There are things that can help you get through


I take the time to enjoy myself

I’m out doing stuff in my spare time with the boys. It wasn’t so much I think that actual doing of that stuff, it was the doing it with somebody. You might be terrified about what they are going to say but if they’re your mates, they’ll be there for you.

There are changes you can make to stay well

Learn how

Just looking around me made me start appreciating how lucky I was

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I gave myself a break

I take my medication and attend therapy

I korero with whānau