The Journal FAQs

Got a question about the programme?

If you're having problems using The Journal, you might find the answer amongst these common issues, otherwise you can call the Depression Helpline on 0800 111 757.

What do I do first?

First time login page

When first starting The Journal you will see three distinct lesson clusters – positivity, lifestyle and problem solving – you are advised to do the lessons in the order in which they appear. However, you can do either of the first two lesson clusters in the order that best suits you. The Journal is designed as a programme you go through once, as it helps you learn how to make changes in your lifestyle and implement better problem-solving.

When you click on one of the lessons you will be able to start the tasks in that lesson. You will set your own date for when you’ll finish each task. Once you have started a task you will not be able to start others until it has been completed. The Journal is about successfully completing tasks one step at a time.

How do I access my account?

Once your account has been set up you will receive an email to confirm your address and provide the contact details for the helpline. Because this is the first email you’ve received from check your spam or junk mail folder and mark these emails as “not spam” so you will receive future emails. If you’re not sure how to do this check your email provider’s help page.

How do I pick a problem? Why do I pick a second problem?

Remember JK’s advice from the Identifying Problems lesson – “start off with a simple problem so you can learn the process”. Once you’ve done that you can practice it again with something a bit trickier. Repeating the process will help it become a habit, and then you can apply it to any issue without having to use The Journal. Of course you can always come back and review the lessons as a reminder.

What does the 'Your Results' page show me?

Your results page

You can track how you are progressing with The Journal on the Your Results page. This information shows you how doing The Journal is affecting your mood and the signs of depression. It can help you identify which lessons are helping you the most, and maybe what is challenging you. It’s always a great idea to do more of what works and to ask for help on those lessons you had low scores on.

It’s helpful if you discuss your programme with a friend, family member or anyone who is helping you. The helpline is also here to help answer any questions. 

What do my scores mean?

Your Journal tracks two kinds of scores –

  • A mood rating – which keeps track of your mood scores after tasks
  • A self-test score – this records how your wellbeing changes at particular stages of the programme

These are both only simple tools and are used to show you how the programme is working for you. It does not give you a diagnosis, and if you are concerned about your score you should discuss it with your doctor.

Remember, if you need someone to talk to about the way you are feeling, the helpline is available 24/7.

How do I invite a friend?

This feature is temporarily unavailable. Please check back or call the helpline team for more information.

How do I get further help?

There are different kinds of mental health professionals. Each kind takes a different approach. You’ll want to think about which one feels right for you, find out more here.

If you are still having problems with The Journal or your mood, the helpline team can talk you through it. They can also help with any questions about the lessons and tasks or about the way you are feeling. Contact them 24/7

Freephone: 0800 111 757
Free TXT: 4202

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