Damian's Story

Damian reconnected with family and improved his physical health, after studying took over his life. He was then able to overcome anxiety, depression and bulimia.

I think most of my issues started when I started university

Going into second year I started to kind of focus more on my academic marks I stopped hanging out with mates; gave up rugby; and then that kind of progressed to the point where I was probably studying maybe 12 to 14 hours a day.

All sorts of things affect your mental health

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Damian played rugby
Damian graduated from university

It got to the point where I was no longer able to really do anything

I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t talking to my family anymore; and I was just basically doing nothing but studying, or thinking or worrying about studying. I was also bulimic, so my anxiety was extending to focusing on my physical appearance.

Depression or anxiety is different for everyone

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It’s important to have people around who are supportive

Because I couldn’t work, I ended up hanging out with my family more - having people around who are encouraging and who see you in a different light to how you see yourself.

Telling my supervisor at uni made it easier because their expectations of me changed.

There are things that can help you get through

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Wellbeing now trumps everything

When I go to the gym, for a run, or walking, I find that I focus less on the things that are kind of making me anxious - it just gives me another space for my head. I have people around me now that will tell me that I should enjoy my successes.

There are changes you can make to stay well

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Try and give yourself some kind of credit for the successes

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I look for positive things

I set my own expectations

I gave myself a break

I created a safe space