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The material and information available on or through this website is only general information for the public. It is not about your situation or anyone else’s. We have done our best to make sure it looks good and is accurate.

In using this website, please note the following:

  • Te Whatu Ora makes no written promises about the information nor are we legally responsible for the accuracy, correctness, currency, completeness or use of any information that is available on or through this website.
  • Te Whatu Ora can change or take away or add more material or information on this website without telling you we have.
  • Linked websites: Te Whatu is not responsible for the content of other websites we have links to or written about from this website, even if you access it via a link from this website. Te Whatu Ora has links to make it easier for you. It does not mean that we think you should use them or that the information, content, presentation or accuracy of the websites is okay, and we are not legally responsible in any way if you decide to visit any other websites.
  • There are no promises or statements on this website by the New Zealand Government or Te Whatu Ora.
  • The contents of this website are not clinical, legal or other professional advice. We advise you to get advice from a qualified professional person if you are worried about how you are feeling.
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When you go to any page on this website, you must keep in mind this disclaimer and any other disclaimer we have included.