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Home life

Our home plays an important role in our mental health.

A stable home life nurtures a secure environment, which can positively influence our mental wellbeing.

Family under the stars
Staying at home or returning home

There are many reasons you might return home after time away. Whether it's due to money, family or personal choices, returning home is not a setback. It's important to communicate with your family about responsibilities and boundaries. You might feel confused about your role in the household or that you’ve lost a sense of freedom. These feelings are common and it's okay to feel unsettled.

You could talk to your family about these things:

  • What jobs around the house should I take on?
  • How much should I contribute to rent, the mortgage or bills?
  • How about groceries and meals?

If you're caregiving, prioritise your wellbeing too. Taking care of someone can be emotionally and physically demanding, especially if they are very unwell. Remember that homecomings can be a source of joy and rejuvenation too.

Reflections on success and life choices

Success and self-worth are deeply personal. It can be hard to ignore what others think or society's expectations, but building self-esteem outside of these is important.

Life's journey is filled with twists and turns. It's okay to change when needed, including changing where you live.

Relationships evolve, aspirations change and challenges arise. Remember that there is support to get through difficult times and move towards to the life you want and that you're not alone. Our people who can help page has more information.

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